Everyone that volunteers has a background check done and must meet strict requirements. The safety of the children is the utmost importance.

Craft Monitor – Must enjoy working with construction paper, crayons, markers, scissors, old magazines, glue, glitter and popsicle sticks. Duties may also include repeating that age old phrase, “Don't run with scissors!”

Game Player – Must enjoy playing a variety of board games, such as, Candy Land, Tic Tac Toe, Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, Battleship, Aggravation, Operation, etc. Duties also include playing card games such as Go Fish, Old Maid, Crazy Eights, etc.

Greeter – Duties include greeting children as they arrive and asking the following questions: “How are you today?” “What did you learn at school today?” “Are you hungry?” etc.

Homework Assistant – Must have basic skills in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and enjoy helping children become successful students.

Play Dough Monitor – Must enjoy working with play dough, cookie cutters, rolling pins, etc.

Kitchen Assistant – Duties include helping the cook prepare and serve meals.

Pantry Assistant – Duties include shopping for food, picking up food from the Central Illinois Food Bank and stocking/organizing our shelves.

Storyteller – Must enjoy reading a variety of storybooks to children. Duties may include holding small children in your lap while reading to them.

Teacher – Duties similar to those of a Sunday School or Bible School teacher. Must be able to teach the children of God's love through songs, games, crafts, etc


Monday        2 pm to 5 pm

Tuesday        2 pm to 5 pm

Wednesday  2 pm to 5 pm

Thursday      2 pm to 5 pm

3 month commitments on up to a year and beyond.


In the basement with a full kitchen and plenty of tables and seating for crafts and fun.

1229 S Grand Ave E, Springfield, IL 62703

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